Job-site lunch by the ‘campfire’

Lunch by the 'campfire'

Now to have some lunch, and do it with style!  The job’s space heater becomes a place to gather, to heat food, and to grow in understanding of how to effectively run a remodeling business.  More power to these guys.               The manufacturer is

Office decorating – going a bit Retro

Neon-sign- Youngs & Company - Contracting - Remodeling

This is a neon sign I just had custom done for our office wall. This all started a few months ago when we were looking at old motorcycles online and spotted the Indian wall clocks and some other things that have neon lighting to them.  So, I did a little searching, made contact with a manufacturer, started working up this … Read More

Creatures encountered during remodels – Scorpion & Dove, Buck & Ducks

The crew was working recently on an exterior remodel and pest repair project . . . a beautiful setting to work in.  It’s well hidden in the woods of a nearby valley.  At times like these we often run into creatures that provide some learning and just a quick break from the work to observe them in their efforts to … Read More

Any questions on remodeling (that you’d like to have answered)?

Hi there.  My name is Bob. I’m a remodeling contractor – licensed since 1984.  I’m just starting to blog, although I’ve been doing remodel work most of my life.  (I won’t tell you how many years that is now.) I have been wondering what things would be useful to post . . . so, I thought I’d start by asking … Read More