Remodeling Features: Entries & ‘Street Presentation’

Dressing up Entries adds a ‘welcome’ to your home . . . it shows visitors where to find you

This is a gallery of some of our entries we’ve done over the years.  Several of these had been double door sets.  They usually range from five feet wide to six feet wide jamb openings.  That allows for one or two sidelights and a single door.

Entries - changed from double doors

This home had a mid-1970’s entry with double doors and a low roof line over the entry. The door and sidelights are a nice change both outside and inside of the home. The sloped entry ramp is also a nice feature for a couple that likes the better access and flow in the front yard.


New gable and entry

New gables, lights, deck, stairs, concrete, doors


St Helena Rd Gable o/ entry complete - aesthetic

New Gable o/ entry complete


Back Entry - added roof, door, trim, well, drain, sump

Same home as above.  This is a new backyard entry that was part of a whole-house remodel.


Interior entries

New entryway – This space had a low and vaulted ceiling that is gone, and the adjacent upper wall is opened to the dining room. This opens up the home to the beautiful rural setting in the hills of Santa Rosa.


Entry in progress

This is a ‘during’ photo showing how the home’s secondary entry was configured.


Entries - completed symmetry

New door installed, plus glass blocks added at transom and to right of doorway to match blocks in adjacent office space at left


Entry in Sebastopol

Another 1970’s double door set replaced with new door and sidelights.


Interior of entry

Much better than the 1970’s door and colored sidelights. This is a wood door set that is painted.


Updated - entries

New Entry – used to have double door set.


Yard entry

This is a backyard entry that is part of an addition and remodel to the home.


Entry exterior

New door and sidelight – updated the look of the 1960’s home.


Entry interior

This is the interior side of the entry door set.


Entries - before

Entry before new door was installed.


Entries - After

Entry after new door was installed.


From double to single door entry

Another converted double door set . . . now single door with sidelight.


Entry to new addition

Relocated entry door set – part of addition and remodel.


Back entry

This is part of an addition in the historic district. Very nice backyard entry.


Deck at back entry

New backyard entry – part of addition and remodel to home.


Entry exterior

Re-designed and enlarged entry.


Entry interior

Interior of re-designed and enlarged entry. Note the use of glass block over interior doorways and left of entry door.


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