Office decorating – going a bit Retro

Neon-sign- Youngs & Company - Contracting - Remodeling

This is a neon sign I just had custom done for our office wall. This all started a few months ago when we were looking at old motorcycles online and spotted the Indian wall clocks and some other things that have neon lighting to them.  So, I did a little searching, made contact with a manufacturer, started working up this sign.  It took several weeks to manufacture and get it delivered.  And, it arrived well packaged, but had one piece of the tubing broken.  The company was quick to get another into the works so they could get it to me to replace.  The process was fun and interesting; from the artwork, colors, layout, options, to the mounting on the wall.  I’m still waiting for 2 additional stand-offs for the plexiglass back piece so it doesn’t need to span as far as it does now.  The connections were done in white so it’s less obvious against the off-white wall.  I had to remove the ballast and wire to spray paint them white, otherwise they would show more through the artwork sign.  Here are some photos of the light.  I wanted a retro look, reminiscent of say the 1960s, but with our logo as it could have looked in that era.

Neon-sign- Youngs & Company - Contracting - Remodeling

And now . . . ALL LIT UP!

Neon-sign- Youngs & Company - Contracting - Remodeling

This shows the workings








The manufacturer is

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