Meticulous, creative & kept us informed

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Annadel Rotted floor structure replaced
Annadel Rotted floor structure replaced

Meticulous, creative & kept us informed

May 2016
I used Bob Youngs first in 1990, when he did a major remodel on our home. He was meticulous, creative, and kept us really informed the whole time. At that time I decided I would use him for any construction or remodel.
I had occasion to need his services this year. I had a major termite infestation which actually rotted several members of the frame [of our home] and involved replacing joists and siding. He and his men did a great job, kept us informed, showed us what they were doing, and completed the job well. I might point out that I am not an ignorant user of their services, but rather was totally familiar with the work they were doing.
I would use Bob Youngs again in a heartbeat. Once his crew gets done with a job, it is done and done well.
If you have any questions about his work, feel free to call me at (707)529-9670.
Bill Kadell

Bill Kadell Homeowner / Realtor / Property Investor

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