Second Story Deck

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Condominium deck
Condominium deck

Second Story Deck

October 2016
My husband and I had a second story deck that needed repair, as water pooled in the corner on the side of the house and made the deck unusable during rainy season.
We were able to contact several people who could “help us,” however, each time we would not get a quote on materials and labor, or the details of how the job would be accomplished were vague and they could “do whatever we wanted.” We feared that we would never find someone who actually knew what needed to be done to fix the problem.
When we contacted Bob Youngs he was extremely friendly and met with us quickly. He knew what needed to be done to fix the situation and let us know what that looked like.
He was transparent in his timeline to the best of his abilities (we were racing the rain), and made sure we were included every step of the way.
The job was completed in a timely fashion and we were extremely satisfied with the work done! I would recommend Bob and his team to anyone needing them!
Thank you so much!!

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